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Rich Snippets App

Enhance your website's appearance in search results and provide users with more context about your content with Rich Snippets by Atwix. Our app makes it easy to add structured data to your pages. By providing search engines with this additional information, you can help improve your search rankings and drive more traffic to your site. Try Rich Snippets by Atwix today and start getting noticed!


Rich Snippets use cases

  1. Organization - Add information about your company and make it stand out in relevant search results
  2. Categories - Display ratings and category descriptions in search results
  3. Products - Let you customers see prices, special offers, availability, product images, reviews and limited offers directly on search results pages
  4. Breadcrumbs - Display page’s hierarchy in search results, e.g. Company > Category > Subcategory > Product
  5. Social media - Add Open Graph meta tags in order to provide richer content and higher click-through rate in URLs shared on social networks, as well as grow your social media followers base
  6. And even more - Install the application and check all features on your own

Benefits of utilizing Rich Snippets

  1. Increase of the click-through rate and lower the bounce rate in Google, Bing and Yahoo search
  2. Improve organic traffic by offering eye-catching search results
  3. Display website breadcrumbs in Google, Bing and Yahoo search results
  4. Display lowest price, average rating, availability in Google search results
  5. Enable correct social sharing of site's web pages
  6. Include product rating when sharing pages on social networks

Check out our guides

Ready to install? Check the Installation and User Guides for detailed instructions how to configure application and apply it to your storefront