Pointer Slider App User Guide


This user guide provides an overview of how to use the Pointer Slider application, which is fully integrated into BigCommerce. Once the application is successfully installed, users will be automatically redirected to the application in the BigCommerce admin panel

The Pointer Slider application adds a custom widget to the BigCommerce page builder tool, which can be easily customized and configured. To use the widget, user should simply navigate to the page builder and add the pointer slider widget to website pages. From there, all customizations and configurations can be performed directly within the page builder

Overview tab

The Overview tab in the application admin panel is where you can access general information about the Pointer Slider application, check the status of the widget, and find answers to common questions

About the application section provides a brief overview of the application's purpose and usage, helping users to better understand the benefits and capabilities of the pointer slider widget

About the application section

The Widget's status section displays the current status of the Pointer Slider widget. This status is checked each time the application is launched, and any issues will be immediately flagged. If there is an issue with the widget, a warning message will be displayed in this section, along with suggestions on how to fix it. This helps ensure that the widget is always functioning properly and any issues can be quickly addressed

Widget status section

The FAQ accordion contains answers to common questions that users may have about the application. If you need further assistance, you can find contact information for our support team in this section as well

FAQ section

Repair tool tab

The Repair tool tab provides a simple and easy-to-use interface for restoring the Pointer Slider widget in case of any issues. When the application is launched, it checks the status of the widget and renders a status message on the Overview tab. If the widget is functioning properly, the "Restore widget" button will be disabled

If there is an issue with the widget, the Overview tab will display a warning message with a suggestion to go to the Repair tool tab. On the Repair tool tab, users can simply click the "Restore widget" button to initiate the restoration process. Once the restoration is complete, the status message on the Overview tab will be updated accordingly

Overall, the Repair tool tab provides a quick and efficient solution for restoring the Pointer Slider widget in case of any issues

Repair tool tab

Multi-channel stores support

The Pointer Slider application fully supports multi-channel stores in BigCommerce. Once the application is installed, the widget will be automatically created for all channels and will be available in the page builder tool

To manage the Pointer Slider widget for specific channels, simply use the dropdown menu provided at the top of the application admin panel. By selecting a specific channel from the dropdown menu, users can view notifications and restore the widget for that particular channel.

For example, if an error occurs in the Pointer Slider widget for the second channel, the user can open the application admin panel and switch the top dropdown menu to the second channel. From there, the user can view all notifications related to the Pointer Slider widget for the second channel and can perform the necessary restoration steps if required

Using the pointer slider widget

To use the Pointer Slider Widget, first, open the page builder and find the "Pointer Slider Widget" widget in the left panel. Then, drag and drop it to the desired position on the page. The widget preview will be displayed immediately in the page builder, allowing users to see how it will appear on the live site

To edit the main image above the slider, click the three dots icon located to the right of the "Pointer Slider Widget" text, and select "Settings" from the dropdown menu

Edit main widget image

To add an additional pointer, click the "+" button located within the "Pointer Slider Widget" tab. This tab contains a list of pointers that can be reordered or deleted as needed

Add pointers to widget

Under the "Pointer Slider Widget" tab, there is another tab that contains two sub-tabs: "Pointer Settings" and "Slide Settings". These tabs provide access to all available configurations for currently selected pointer and it associated slide. Users can adjust settings such as pointer size, color, and position, as well as slide appearance and styling

Pointer settings overview

The "Pointer Settings" sub-tab

Widget pointer settings

The "Slide Settings" sub-tab

Widget slide settings

Please note that each pointer in the pointer slider widget is connected to a specific slide, and cannot be changed or deleted while keeping the slide. This means that you cannot have multiple pointers connected to the same slide, and you cannot have slides without any connection to a pointer. This limitation exists due to the constraints of the BigCommerce page builder tool